Hurricanes Don’t Scare Me, But Our Rulers Sure Do

Monday, August 29, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Becky Akers

As Hurricane Irene threatened the East Coast, Merriam-Webster announced the addition of 150 new words to its dictionary. Among them was “helicopter parent” to describe anyone “overly involved” in his child’s life.

If the definition doesn’t already include a notation, “See also Big Daddy Government,” it should. Busybodies and morons obsessed with what speed we drive, how we educate our kids, whether we drink pasteurized milk, and how many calories our burgers contain have kicked into overdrive with Irene’s advent. From the way they bloviate, you’d think they were the Almighty Himself, creators of this tempest – though I grant you, they’ve manufactured plenty of other, far more murderous storms.

Politicians from the Thief-in-Chief in DC through the governors of affected states down to New York City’s Head Nanny harangue us as if they’ve suddenly acquired a degree in meteorology. These bozos pretend they’re as intimately familiar with typhoons as they are with tycoons. And they insist we imbecilic serfs heed their expertise.

I wasn’t aware that hurricanes blast either Kenya or Chicago, and they’re “relatively rare” in Hawaii. Nonetheless, Obummer pontificates as though he’s a veteran of tropical storms: “I cannot stress this highly enough. If you are in the projected path of this hurricane, you have to take precautions now.”

No kidding. Here’s my fantasy: after Obummer delivers this insultingly obvious advice, one of the corporate media’s reporters raises his hand. “Um, Mr. President, sir, could you explain to all the stupid taxpayers out there what velocity winds have to reach before hurricanes progress from one category to the next? Also, why do snowflakes have six sides? And should we worry about solar flares? What exactly is a solar flare?”

But politicians will wax honest before the mainstream press grows a spine.

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