Saturday, August 27, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Greg Evensen
August 27, 2011

ASSESSMENT ONE: “Know the enemy—engage and quit playing games.”

The Muslim threat in and toward America is greater than the pending banking debacle, US currency inflation/deflation and debasement, or even the illegal invasion along our border. It is so because the Muslim threat is insidious and unending, it is religious on the surface, but is really an economic and social system. It has the “look” of a religion, but is clearly the fictional ranting of a false prophet named Mohammed in 630 A.D. However, the Quran is their “holy book,” an instruction manual for killing all those who do not accept their bigoted, subversive view of the world, and once it gains a 20% cultural foothold, it is unstoppable. These are the established population densities where the surge toward not just “acceptance,” but indeed an official promotion of its cultural stranglehold on government. Add to that a fatally flawed public view that “we are just being tolerant and Christian” in our support of the “one Muslim Mosque on every corner mentality” within the so-called democracies in Europe and North America, and you see how we have exposed our collective necks to the Islamic executioner.

This is the perfect “blending” of cultures that will leave only one standing at the end of the day. The first, called Christianity promotes a loving God that gave His son Jesus Christ so that all who accept Him alone are forgiven and taken to Heaven on death. The other, called Islam promotes a vengeful “kill all Christians or Jews that will not convert to Islam, and teach that evil hatred is normal. There is absolutely no tolerance for any other belief system under Sharia law. There is only one belief and that is a made up god called Allah, who provides paradise ONLY if the Muslim slave carries out the luciferian ideals hell bent on absolutely ELIMINATING all other people—read that Christians and Jews.

Make no mistake here, or it will be America’s last mistake. The war is with Islam first and foremost. Our ongoing struggle against the illegal invasion from Mexico, the banking cannibalism (eating the depositors wealth), the ongoing communist threat from Washington and the open treason by Eric Holder, Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin and of course, the Muslim in Chief. It is an eternal slap against veterans, who gave their all to insure victory in defeating communism, and we are once again pitted against the same socialist, communist, one world corrupted, demon inspired legions of people who now are “occupying Washington.” May god forgive us and deliver us from evil—AMEN!

ASSESSMENT TWO: “It is Time To Resist and Defend Yourselves.”

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