Tuesday, August 23, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.
August 23, 2011

I have been reading Mark Steyn’s book “America Alone” and find that we – Mr. Steyn and I – agree absolutely that we are presently witnessing the end of the world as we know it. We have reached the same conclusion, but for different reasons. And then again it may be that what Mr. Steyn defines in his treatise as the reasons for the precipitous decline of the western world is just in fact an itemization of the symptoms of a world already doomed by divine purpose. At any rate suffice to say that this erudite and gifted writer has precisely and accurately defined the major forces that are rapidly destroying the civilized cultures of the western world…and these are: democracy and multiculturalism. Or more precisely an ignorant elitist-driven socialist control over individuality and the spiritually bestowed personal prerogatives that moved the world from the dark ages and ushered in enlightenment and prosperity.

What this writer suggests not too subtly is that it is demographics that is leading the world into a new dark age, and this at the imperativeness of the social and environmental reformists who naively, i.e. stupidly, insist and demand that the social environs be inclusive of all cultures and beliefs no matter how destructive and detrimental to indigenous-law and social anthropology they might be. It is these post Christian secularists who have not only encouraged, but insisted, that uncontrolled immigration be tolerated and encouraged, and that indigenous birth rates be suppressed by birth control and abortion, that are transforming once productive and enlightened cultures into primitive dank and dire theocracies of doctrines that engender no respect for human liberties, or in fact for human life.

Mr. Steyn goes into great detail in his book in regard to the rapidly changing demographics of the Western European socialist democracies, and those of their offshoots of the new-world Canada and the United States. The European nations have been rapidly transformed into near Islamic states, and the North American nations of Canada and the U.S.A. are quickly and ignorantly traversing the same course to oblivion. Count the new Mosques springing up in your communities.

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