Stop Clinging to False Hope and Face Reality

Saturday, August 20, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Anthony Wile
Saturday, August 20, 2011

All week long we have been witnessing a breakdown in global markets, or perhaps better stated – general public confidence. Gee, why would that be, we wonder? Why is it that the general public is not so easily convinced that all will be okay? Where is the usual confidence in their elected and non-elected leaders who’ve been given license to run the world, practically speaking?

Well, we don’t want to be the ones who say, “We told you so,” but we did. And besides our publishing efforts here at the Daily Bell we have been trying our best to help spread the word as it relates to the oncoming financial hurricane (Hurricane Reality) for more than ten years now. Has it helped? Absolutely, for some. But as Jim Rogers often says, “I keep on talking about the same issues but no one seems to listen.” We can relate to that sentiment.

However, for the most part – despite the ridicule, both public and private – I feel that there has been ample opportunity for people to educate themselves and take personal responsibility rather than wait for their elected or non-elected leaders to solve the very problems they themselves have caused. For anyone to believe they truly care and desire to do anything other than tighten the grip of their rule is foolhardy at best.

Everyone is complicit to some degree, but perhaps it is the people themselves, those being ruled, who are most to blame for the circumstances in which we all now find ourselves to varying degrees. Surely the American majority’s willingness to shun the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights has enabled the “power seekers” to regulate and dominate virtually every aspect of an individual’s life. For without the consent of the larger body, the rulers would have no power with which to abuse.

But as it is today, the greater mass of voters is still busy watching “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol.” The vast majority of youth care not of real issues; rather they are focused on increasing the number of new “friends” who sign on to their Facebook accounts, or are busy discussing what Lady Gaga ate for dinner or some similar nonsense. It is a shame that people have fallen out of touch with the act of thinking and being responsible for their own lives.

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