Nuclear Terrorist Attacks 9-11-11?

Saturday, August 13, 2011
By Paul Martin

Written by Alexander Backman
Friday, 12 August 2011 06:26


We have received highly credible information that points to the existence of a significant and imminent threat to the civilian population of The United States of America in at least five metropolitan cities. A well-prepared and careful plan is in motion according to CIA and FBI sources who are working to prevent this from happening. The threat is the simultaneous detonation of up to five portable nuclear devices known as or radiological dispersion devices (RDDs) within large metropolitan cities within the Continental United States less than a month from now. The cities that are being targeted, according to multiple CIA sources, are Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Washington DC and possibly either Miami or Las Vegas. They mentioned that “there are as many as five” of these nuclear devices. This uncertainty leads to the possibility of there being more. According to one of our sources, “the CIA found out information that Muslims will try to strike” on or around the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and The Pentagon. We were also informed by this source that not even Barack Hussein Obama has knowledge of this situation.

‘Not Suitcases Nukes’—Steve Quayle

Researcher and author Steven Quayle mentioned on the Omega Man Radio Show[1] on August 11th (48 minute marker) that these RDDs or portable nukes are not some low-tech, bulky out-dated, tritium-triggered Soviet Cold War or Pakistani “suitcase-nukes” but highly sophisticated hybrid weapons of mass destruction made with state-of-the-art technology. Quayle acknowledged publicly the same claim that we do here, that there are FIVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS THAT ARE TO BE DETONATED IN THE UNITED STATES.
The information came to us from a prestigious and credible source who wishes to remain anonymous for the time being. This leak of information came to be when concerned US citizens started questioning and reporting the massive movement of trains by the US military seen and filmed in Oregon as reported by The Intel Hub on August 2nd[2]. Once it was learned of the existence of these terrorist cells and their objective, it was concluded that the reason for the massive movement of armored vehicles and troops to these areas as well as others in the country is in anticipation to this series of attacks.
We were informed that “The FBI has been monitoring Al Qaeda cells throughout the US with the largest one being in Detroit” in hope of stopping and neutralizing these attacks. Sources within the FBI told a third party that the ‘chatter’ is that the attacks will happen on 9-11. So, wherever the troops are being moved, which is something that must be followed, would indicate the regions or cities where these so-called Muslim attacks are scheduled to take place.
After the accumulation of information from distinct sources, it is credible to conclude that this threat is quite real. However, we could be dealing with yet another False Flag operation that would be made to look like “an attack by radical Muslims which would result in the implementation of Martial Law,” said one source. This would lead to the almost immediate retaliation by the US against the states of Iran, Lebanon, Lybia or Syria triggering World War Three. Middle East Prepares for the Worst
Moreover, we have knowledge that the Kuwait Embassy is on alert to move its personnel from its Los Angeles Consulate out of the country in September. Also mentioned by a family member of the diplomat is the fact that something big “of Biblical Proportions” is going to happen in the Middle East next month. The source hinted at the idea of a nuclear exchange between the states of Israel and its enemies in the Middle East region without specifying which; the obvious ones being Iran and Syria. Illuminati Member Speaks Out
A member of the Illuminati told our source that, “There are tunnels dug underground in many major countries by order of the military. One of them is below the Denver Airport. Those in the military who ordered these tunnels dug are ‘family members’ of the New World Order. So in these tunnels are located command centers to control satellites, HAARP weather systems and other systems that control the weather, the military and other things on the surface. The massive troop movements are because the New World Order is moving them into strategic locations in preparation for the Antichrist coming into power. This is in order to protect him when he is revealed.” This same source said that “the Antichrist is already in the United Nations so the ‘stage work’ is being set for the final preparations before he comes into power.” DUMBs
Super Soldiers such as James Casbolt, aka Commander Michael Prince, and many other black ops employees have spoken extensively of these Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs) throughout the years. According to Casbolt, there are at least four-thousand of these DUMBs already in service, fully operational and equipped worldwide and in the case of the US for REX-84 or the Continuity of Government (COG). The CIA announced in April 2011 that it started to move its operations from Langley to Denver[3].
Most recently, Governor Jesse Ventura gained notoriety for exposing these installations within the US and their true purpose as well as the establishment of Marshall Law which would strip all Civil Rights from US citizens. Governor Ventura also reported and verified on his Conspiracy Theory TV show about the FEMA Camps that are designed to hold civilians once an event of significant proportions occurs. FEMA is Gearing Up for Something Big
On July 21 2011, YOUTUBE user mfromcanad1[4] reported about how FEMA is preparing for a massive event such as the one we are detailing in this report. A close family member of hers who is in the service confirms the DUMBs, the FEMA Camps and is an eyewitness of the massive amount of tens of thousands of plastic coffins that were also discovered and exposed by Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura on Conspiracy Theory. Quoting from the mfromcanad1 page with regard to the training and functions of this Armed Force member who now works for FEMA:
“They are to separate the contaminated bodies. He was trained to remove the sick and injured. He was told he will be working for FEMA, that he is FEMA. He said there will be radiation contamination. He was also trained for multiple “Natural” disasters. He was told these events could happen any day now.”
She mentions in part 2 of the video that her nephew informed her:
“He was informed of the DUMBS and the FEMA camps which he said were to isolate survivors from contamination.”
Other CIA sources have also explained the purpose for these coffins and civilian detention centers or Nazi-styled camps[5]. It is evident that these FEMA Camps, which Glenn Beck was censored from speaking about on TV and even cried about on his show[6], are in fact civilian concentration camps or prisons that may be used as death camps if and when a tyrannical force comes into full force in The United States. A Police Officer speaks out about the FEMA Camps[7] and purpose mentioning that there are 800 of these camps ready and operational at any moment if the need arises.
Bush Sr. signed into effect in 1988 Executive Order 12656 [8]which specifically talks about this COG implementation. An outline of its contents would give the US Government the power to:
Management, control, and allocation of all usable waters from all sources within the jurisdiction of the United States Control, acquisition of real property Mining of strategic and critical and other nonfuel minerals for national security emergency purposes
Stockpile strategic and critical minerals Military assistance to civilian law enforcement authorities Registration and inquiry, and mortuary services and interment The use of Federal penal and correctional institutions and resources Enforcement plans to respond to civil disturbances Management and control of civil transportation resources and systems, including privately owned automobiles, urban mass transit, intermodal transportation systems, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation and the St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation Management of all Federal, State, city, local, and other highways, roads, streets, bridges, tunnels
Control of people entering and leaving the United States Claimancy for materials and equipment for public water systems. Provide by induction, personnel that would be required by the armed forces Methods for interment of the dead
Also, recent government-issued bids from FEMA this year have included the massive purchase of underwater body bags, antibiotics, disaster-relief supplies among other materials in case large-scale events were to occur. In part this is good news knowing that FEMA has the best of intentions for its citizens, but after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans where FEMA acted irregularly and 9-11, when FEMA was stationed in New York City one day before the attacks on the WTC indicating they were privy to the attacks, one begins to question what the true role of FEMA is or to pay attention the patterns of the agency. More Pre 9-11 Biological Attacks?
On July 27, 2011, the whistleblowing website[9] announced of a government-issued report from the Department of Homeland Security to the Centers for Disease Control Regarding Emergency Use of Doxycycline Hyclate Tablets Accompanied by Emergency Use in case of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack. In this case, Doxycycline Hyclate would be used in case of an imminent or possible ANTHRAX attack, exactly like the ones previous to the September 11 attacks. The only difference here is the order to use Doxycycline instead of CIPRO. This means that Cipro is unavailable. It is important to mention that no alert has been issued as of yet by DHS with regard to the entering into effect of this order.
US Army Bases on Alert?
According to our sources within the Armed Forces, unusual troop movements and activity have been seen in and around Andrews AFB and other military bases in the US. These change indicate something is about to happen.
FEMA Readies The People
As reported by Coup Media Group[10] on August 10, oddly enough, FEMA announced the start of a Nationwide Preparedness Test:
“Breaking news release from FEMA – Announcing First Nationwide EAS Test Posted by: Damon Penn, Assistant Administrator, National Continuity Program. ‘As we often say here at FEMA, it’s critical that all members of the team, whether it’s federal, state, local and tribal governments, or the public, have an emergency communications plan. Knowing how you would get in touch with the residents in your communities, or your loved ones, is a key part of how we all can prepare for disasters, both natural and man-made.’ ”
Cui bono?
What we must equate into this grave threat is who benefits? Looking into the past and putting two and two together we see George Prescott Bush pronouncing not once, not twice, but multiple times the start of a mission towards the creation of a New World Order through the United Nations’ Charter. Bush assured that ‘they’ would succeed as so did David Rockefeller serving as CFR spokesmen for the rest of the Establishment, saying that we “would have a New World Order whether we liked it or not.” Sounds like a threat, doesn’t it? Well it certainly is! And these threats must not be taken ‘lightly’. The rule of thumb for the ‘higher-up’ in the Knights Templar or the Knights of Columbus and The Supreme Military order of Malta is clearly visible in their motto, ‘Ordo ab Chao’ which translates from Latin Order out of Chaos or even, ‘Let us create The Order of Lucifer from the Chaos of God.’
Mind you that these individuals run low on the ladder of what the true Black Nobility Europe represents. These people are mostly unheard of and truly live behind the curtain and literally are the Master Puppeteers who call the shots. Way beyond Bilderberg and all the Bohemian Groves are ‘they’. They are the ones who are dedicated to topple and destroy America by any and all means necessary to fulfill biblical prophecy of the End Times with the sole objective of ushering the Antichrist. They are the Royal Bloodlines of the Dragon, the Serpent, Lucifer.
After the attacks on September 11th it became obvious that there had been, and still lingers, an enormous cover-up. According to our sources, 9-11 was the third phase by the satanic, cabbalistic, barbaric and ritualistic Powers That Be, to significantly advance their goal toward a New World Order in their Illuminist agenda against the US as Lyndon Larouche clearly defined the 911 attacks of being ‘a coup d’état’ that came from within or ‘an inside job.’ It surely looks like we are now in the 5th phase of their plans. Final Remarks
Once again we are at the crossroads where decisions have to be made and steps have to be taken. I and many others who hear this message will understand that we all have a duty to fulfill. That duty is to prevent, thwart and stop at any and all costs these tyrannical elements from destroying the few bastions of freedom that remain in the world namely in countries that still clinch to their shredded and mangled Constitutions— the Warranty of Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness— in the world; countries where ‘the Name of Jesus Christ or ‘The LORD’ is being outlawed and supplanted by other beliefs. It is that duty that is bestowed upon us by our ancestors and God that compels us to prevent such hideous and serious criminal acts from being committed not only against the United States but the whole world; acts of war that would lead to the murder of not tens of thousands, not hundreds of thousands but even millions of innocent human lives if something is not done now.
We ask for the people to take heed, seek The Lord diligently in prayer and to speak out and help the brave men and women of the United States who are trying to prevent this from happening by contacting the authorities or us with any information that may help to stop these sinister attacks.• UPDATES: Alexander Backman is interviewed by Dr. Bill Deagle on Thursday August 12th at 2.00pm PST announcing an detailing this report. You can listen to the interview online at
Ann Morrison from and many other valuable sources contributed to this report.
Any inquiries or additional information maybe be sent to
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