How To Live Free in an Unfree Country

Thursday, August 11, 2011
By Paul Martin

Anarchast – The Revolution Will Be Televised

by Jeff Berwick

Those who have been reading The Dollar Vigilante, and more specifically our daily blog, for any length of time have probably figured out by now that I am an anarchist.

No, not a guy in a black hoodie who lights shops on fire and loots businesses – those aren’t anarchists. Those are usually communists/socialists or, more often the case, just disillusioned youth who are fed up with a system that has robbed and impoverished them since before they were even born.

Anarchists are, in fact, just people who believe in the free market without a violent, coercive ruler (government).

And as the world comes unglued, with daily riots in London now, the collapsing financial system and protests, riots and revolutions in dozens of disparate countries it is becoming clear that we are reaching the end of the road for this political and communist/fascist-style financial system (which many actually believe is a capitalist system) – and perhaps the end of democracy and the nation-state as we know it.

Thanks mostly to the internet (because governments and the state-controlled media try to make sure you never find out about this), people around the world are slowly awakening to what a corrupt, terrible and dying system we live in and are, on a daily basis, discovering anarchy/libertarianism/free-markets/voluntaryism as being the answer.

It is a revolution. The world over. It’s just beginning. And it will be televised – on Anarchast.

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