Former PBOC Member: “The Situation Is Unsustainable. The Longer It Continues, The More Violent And Destructive The Final Adjustment Will Be.”

Sunday, August 7, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

esterday it was an editorial piece in the main Chinese media outlet Xinhua. Today, China brings its message of helpless (for now) fury to the FT, where Yu Yongding, a former member of the Monetary Policy committee of the Chinese Central Bank has just said what everyone who realizes that mean reversions after 30 years worth of a “great moderation” can and will be a nasty, nasty thing, thinks. Namely: “the situation is ultimately unsustainable. The longer it continues, the more violent and destructive the final adjustment will be. “ He is referring to the relentless recycling of Chinese trade surplus in the form of US paper which is increasingly looking like it will never get repaid. His chief rhetorical question is key: “The question is: what losses is China willing to bear in its foreign exchange reserves in order to slow the pace of the renminbi appreciation?” And that’s the ballgame. Just like in Europe the question is what amount of gross economic loss is Germany willing to sustain in order to backstop Europe’s insolvent countries (and with an imminent French downgrade looming, it will be the only country doing so in the form of sole EFSF funding) simply to keep the euro up and running, and its export sector humming courtesy of no return to a DEM, so in China the question now is how much risk is the country willing to take with its US-based paper holdings in order to keep its own export sector moving along courtesy of a weak CNY. Ironically, the longer Germany and China pretend all is good, the greater the impairment of their natural import partners. And in a globalized economy, even having the cheapest (no matter how artificially contrived) currency does nothing if the global economy tanks and import level implode. Alas, it will be too late for Germany and China to do anything about their flawed mercantilist policies at that point, as the third and final depression will be here. And what is the right move? The former PBOC member spells it out: “The danger for China is that it does not learn the right lesson – namely, that now is the time to end its dependency on the US dollar.” And therein lies the rub.

Key statements from Yu’s FT Op-Ed which everyone should read:

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