I Call on All State Attorney Generals to Stop This Super Congress from Starting.

Saturday, August 6, 2011
By Paul Martin

Friday, August 5, 2011

This is one more step we take toward being under the rule of an imperial body set up by compromising on the debt deal between the leadership in both parties with the President . This body violates the separation of powers because the President with a select few hand picked puppets from both parties from the house and the Senate will chair this Super Congress. This is circumventing what is left of our republican form of government. If I were the state legislators who care about preserving our liberties and the Governors who care about their state surviving this crisis in Washington. Regardless if they maybe puppets themselves beholden to the globalist to an extent.

I call on my Texas State Attorney General Greg Abbott to challenge the super congress in court. This super congress is a threat to the sovereignty of Texas. This unaccountable body of sellouts can very easily plunge Texas into darkness with poverty and tyranny. The very freedoms we cherish are in jeopardy by a group of people who will do the bidding of the bankers and not to the benefit of the people. All bills originate in the US House of Representatives, under a super congress all legislation comes from the committee of thirteen. The people sent to congress by the people have no say. They cannot draft any bills, they cannot amend any legislation coming out of this Star Chamber body outside of the constitution, nor can they filibuster. Parliamentary procedure from the Jefferson manual is now pushed aside for this super congress who can make up the rules as they go along..


Texans are threatened with their right to keep and bear arms, the right of privacy and private property rights from this super congress. The slogan of no taxation without equal representation will be replacing it with a new philosophy of Taxation without hesitation. This super congress will trample all over Texas if its legitimacy of this Star Chamber group is not challenged by all means necessary starting with the courts and hopefully the governor calling a special session nullifying all laws coming from the super congress. I see AG Greg Abbott has more fight in him challenging Obama on many fronts in the courts than the legislature does trying to pass a law barring legalized sexual assault by the TSA.

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