More Americans than ever are aware of Congressional malfeasance; disapproval at all-time high

Friday, August 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

Madison Ruppert,
Aug 5, 2011

A whopping 14% of Americans approve of the way Congress is handling themselves, while an incredible 82% of Americans realize that our so-called representatives are not doing their jobs properly.
In a New York Times and CBS poll released today, it was revealed that the vast majority of Americans are now conscious of Congressional crimes and corruption.
Apparently the debt ceiling debacle, charade though it was, has made many in the United States aware of the fact that Congress has not been fulfilling their duties.
I just wish the poll told us how many Americans realized that raising the debt ceiling will do absolutely nothing for our debt rating or the economy.
It is clear that without a gutting of the cancerous military-industrial complex, corporate welfare programs, offshoring incentives, Pentagon “black budget” spending, and oil subsidies we will find ourselves without a reputable credit rating.
The Chinese have left nothing to the imagination on this issue, in fact the Governor of China’scentral bank has actually said the United States’ debt problems are encumbering the globaleconomic recovery, as I outlined in this article published today.
Similarly, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s have issued dire warnings to the United States. Moody’s said that if the U.S. can’t bring its debt to GDP ratio down a significant amount, they will downgrade our credit rating.
However, some of our morally and intellectually bankrupt politicians continue to wage class warfare against the people of the United States.

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