Friday, August 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Dr. Laurie Roth
August 5, 2011

Most the Republicans caved in. 174 of them voted to raise the debt ceiling to the highest in U.S. history. Only 66 Republicans voted no. Already folks are arguing and reporting different amounts as to this horrific increase, but it starts at 2.6 trillion and jumps in other conversations to 4 trillion and even 7 trillion. The bottom line is the debt ceiling has entered a ‘fright ride’ at the ‘political theme park’, of endless increases that will continue until the financial train soars off the track and crashes in a thousand bloody pieces.

The unbelievable and treacherous thing is that our country has more than enough money to pay our major bills, such as social security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans affairs, and federal wages. We just don’t have money for endless peripheral, agenda laden programs! Most Americans understand what fat and gristle looks like. Any moron knows you don’t go out to fancy dinners, off to Hawaii and redecorate your house in hard times when you are barely holding onto your job and home.

Most in the House and the Senate should be voted out for this debt increase action. Compromise would be fine if underneath it all, the core problem of out of control spending was actually dealt with. There is no way in heaven or hell that this will happen though because there is a world view clash with Obama and the progressive left, regarding fiscal responsibility and reality. Now, I must ad many Republicans to the list, shameful.

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