The Selling of America

Saturday, July 30, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Mark Faulk
Jul 29, 2011

I feel like I should have something relevant to contribute to the discourse about the continued demise of America, but in all honesty, like most Americans, I’m stunned and sickened by the entire disgusting display of partisan politics going on in Washington. I keep thinking that somewhere between the simplistic “we’re all going to die” catchphrases and the convoluted discourse espoused by the talking heads on television and in print, there lies a rational explanation of the current debt crisis.

Congressional extremists on the Far Right, funded into office by the richest, most powerful people in the world, have displayed an utter disregard for our country’s citizens. The eagerness with which they are hell bent on destroying social security under false pretenses, and throwing Medicare and Medicaid into the fires of greed while they’re at it, is way beyond simply cheap politics, it is reprehensible and immoral.

I keep wondering if the people who elected them, the Tea Party masses that voted these nutcases into office, are beginning to feel uncomfortable as their chosen champions of small government and big freedoms show their true colors. And believe me, those colors are not red, white, and blue, and their allegiance is not to America. They have sold their souls, and their country, for money, and their only loyalties lie with the overlords who wrote the checks that put them in office.

The Judases on the Extreme Right are determined to destroy the country for a few pieces of gold, but Obama carries his own share of the blame as well. Not because he didn’t compromise enough, but because he gave up too much, too early. Every skilled negotiator knows that the debate begins from extreme, even unreasonable opposite viewpoints and demands, with each party working towards an acceptable solution in the middle. All political decisions in Washington are ultimately acts of compromise, but the President erred in beginning negotiations from the center, while the extremists, perceiving the President’s willingness to compromise as a show of weakness (and rightfully so) dug in their heels from the very start.

Every continued compromise by the President and the Democrats does nothing to move the loonies towards a rational agreement; on the contrary, it empowers them even more. They have their marching orders, and it’s a winner take all mentality that has forced (unnecessarily, in this writer’s opinion) Obama to abandon almost every single promise he made to those who elected them. He is so busy trying to forge a deal at any cost that he has given up the very sense of determined morality that put him in office.

I can’t help but wonder what President Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, or even Bill Clinton for that matter, would do in this situation. At what point does our current President draw a clear line in the sand, and say, “Enough is enough.” He has already given up way too much in this war for the heart and soul of America, and history, especially recent history, has shown that when the rich get the upper hand, the rest us pay the price for decades to come.

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