Thursday, July 28, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Attorney Constance Cumbey
July 28, 2011

Is the Media Flying a False Flag of Multiculturalism?

Evil is not always apparent in its development. Not even is it always apparent in its initial expressions. Too often, it takes the biblically warned form of ‘an angel of light.’ I had many express to me admiration and belief in the well footnoted writings of Bat Ye’or about histories of Islamist persecution of minorities under their control. I retained vaguely undefined and uncomfortable feelings about same.

I here explore the possible influences, pressures and/or motivations of historian Bat Ye’or and her husband David Littmann, Ph.D. Bat Ye’or’s work had an unquestionable attributed influence on the recent Norwegian capital city bombings and youth camp slayings. Bat Ye’or is the author if EURABIA and other works. They sound alarms on what she terms an Arabic overrunning of Europe. She calls her forebodings “Dhimmitude” as potential future servitude of Christian and Jewish Europeans to the alleged Islamic Arab hordes. Many of my personal readers felt themselves in accord with this. I had deep reservations about Bat’s work because I knew of the New Age strategy of pitting target groups against each other. This would happen, they hoped, after sufficiently compromising each and every target group with syncretism (merging of religions into a type of “New World Religion). Then the remaining faithful to their faith and traditions would go on to destroy each other “in a massive mutual venting of long pent aggression.” (LeMesurier, THE ARMAGEDDON SCRIPT, 1980). From Alice Bailey through David Spangler, target groups were clearly defined as “peoples of the Book” — Jews, Christians, and Moslems.

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