Wednesday, July 27, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Jon Christian Ryter
July 27, 2011

This nation is now in serious jeopardy of losing the Bill of Rights…not from the usurpations of the federal government—from your municipal government. You know, the petty bureaucrats in City Hall who are so unimportant that, from one elections to the next, you have no idea who they are. The Utopians learned a long time ago that when you want to deconstruct a nation, you don’t start by tearing off the roof…you will only succeed if you start by chipping away at the foundation. When the foundation crumbles, the nation falls.

Since governance begins at the local level, it is the foundation of of the structure of government. Which suggests it should be the government system we know best. But it isn’t. Most of us don’t know the name of our own Mayor or our City Council members.

The City Council of Gould, Arkansas recently enacted an ordinance that forbids residents of the city from meeting and organizing groups without approval of the city council. Abrogating citizen rights in cities with liberals in charge of the governments appears to be growing.

In June, 2011 Cedar Rapids, Iowa enacted Ordinance 2740 that violates the 4th Amendment. The Ordinance forces all commercial property owners to put lock boxes on their business establishments that will give city officials unfettered access to those businesses 24-7. The reason for the ordinance? It’s a Big Brother law designed to protect businesses from mishaps theoretically caused by the business owner. In other words, the lock boxes were implemented to protect the business owner from himself. The fire chief, when questioned, said he debated the constitutionality of the lock boxes, but the local courts never ruled on the question of whether or not violating the 4th Amendment right of the local business owners was unconstitutional.

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