Farmers from Iowa to Pennsylvania Fear 100% Crop Loss

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Bill Deger
Jul 26, 2011

“Farmers are fearing a complete loss of their crops without appreciable and prolonged rain events soon.”

Prolonged dry conditions from the Midwest to the mid-Atlantic this summer has some farmers concerned about how it will impact their crops.

The corn crop, an important staple along the parched agricultural zone extending from Iowa to Pennsylvania, is already being affected. According to some farmers, the timing couldn’t be worse.

“Right now is a very critical time for corn,” said Elizabeth A. Hinkel, district manager of the Schuylkill Conservation District to the Republican Herald of Pottsville, Pa.

With the corn in tassel, the crop is beginning to pollinate, which requires ample amounts of moisture. “If there’s no rain to aid in pollination and the plants are stressed, a lot of times it won’t fill out,” says Hinkel.

The reduced crop yield creates a domino effect and might force farmers to incur costs by purchasing feed for animals.

A few months ago, the growing scene couldn’t have looked any more different.

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