The Real ‘Under the Radar’ Target of Operation Fast and Furious

Friday, July 15, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Russ Vaughn
July 15, 2011

In previous articles here at American Thinker dealing with the ATF gun smuggling scandal there has been mention made of the suspicions of many Americans (as evidenced by comments from AT readers) that Operation Fast and Furious was a politically motivated action put in place by the Obama Justice Department to manufacture a false scenario that would justify stricter gun control in this country. Most of those pieces carried an editorial caution citing the lack of specific evidence. Clarice Feldman’s recent article had this to say on the issue:

Some commentators believe the real purpose of the operation was to provide “evidence” that U.S. arms were behind the gang violence in Mexico to provide a basis for further restrictions on U.S. arms sales, pointing to comments by Hillary Clinton and the New York Times editors on the need for further restrictions to limit the weaponry of the Mexican drug cartels. While the supposition is far from unreasonable, stronger evidence supporting such claims is to date missing.

Ms. Feldman is both a former federal prosecutor and a frequent contributor here at American Thinker where she has repeatedly demonstrated a sharp eye for political hijinks. She is correct in implying that stronger evidence is needed before such charges can be given more credence. But it is also fair to point out that this suspicion of a larger Administration goal than apprehending big fish gun smugglers in Mexico is afoot. We may now have the stronger evidence Ms. Feldman and the AT editors cited need for. has posted an email from “Mark R. Chait Assistant Director Field Operations,” to a William D. Newell in July last year, which states:

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