Thursday, July 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Chuck Baldwin
July 14, 2011

It was reported on Tuesday, July 12, 2011, that Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is going to retire from the US House of Representatives after his current term expires in December of next year. This will mean that Dr. Paul, an OB/GYN physician, will have served in the US Congress for 24 years. Dr. Paul is currently a Republican candidate for President of the United States also.

Readers of this column know that I have been a strong supporter of Ron Paul for many years. I personally campaigned for him in 2008 in four states, and became an independent candidate for President that same year only after Dr. Paul was eliminated from the Republican primary race. And I am very honored to have received Dr. Paul’s endorsement for President during the 2008 Presidential general election.

See the Yahoo/AP report announcing the retirement of Congressman Paul.

In an associated video, Dr. Paul is quoted as saying, “You can’t continue with the status quo.” But that is exactly what most Americans today seem more than willing to do, and we are quickly losing this constitutional republic as a result. Dr. Paul was the one man in Congress who was willing to fight the status quo, and he did so tirelessly and courageously all of his public life. And he is the only candidate for President from either major political party that would fight the status quo if elected in 2012. Mark it down: it won’t matter to a tinker’s dam one way or the other if any other Presidential candidate is elected next year!

In fact, the lack of vision and ability to discern the times seems to be the most blatant weakness in the vast majority of well meaning “conservative” groups, causes, or movements. They seem to think that we have to use the same old, same old in order to change the same old, same old; and it just ain’t going to work!

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