The Coming Insurrection – A Final Warning to Governments around the World

Thursday, July 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

The world’s monetary systems are crashing and as a direct result economies all over the world are collapsing in tandem, at break neck speed with absolutely no sign or possibility of abating. We have reached the point of no return, that not even the most extreme plan of “fiscal responsibility” advanced by our so-called elected officials can reverse.

Our corrupted democracies will not save our monetary systems because politicians can compromise but the laws of gravity cannot. What goes up must eventually come down.

So too, the inviolable laws of humanity dictate that you can only push a man so far before he has no choice but to fight back. People all over the world are almost at that breaking point. Many have already reached it.

The clip below titled “The Coming Insurrection” is based on a book by the same name, whose authors were arrested in France in 2008 on charges of terrorism.

In light of the recent popular uprisings throughout the Middle East, its powerful message portends an era whose time has come.

To government leaders around the world – take heed.

Total collapse of the world’s current monetary systems is inevitable. Violent revolution is not.

Therefore, you have a choice:

(1) Stop the greed, oppression, and indifference to our suffering; (a) Pronounce our existing monetary systems dead; (b) Bury their rotting carcasses; and (c) do what is necessary to create in their wake sane monetary systems that have as their goal economic justice for all; OR

(2) Suffer the inevitable consequences.


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