Monday, July 11, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Attorney Jonathan Emord
July 11, 2011

When a politician violates virtually every principle deemed by our Founding Fathers essential to the creation and maintenance of the American republic, we may justly pronounce that person an enemy of the Framers’ Republic. The Senior Senator from Illinois, Richard J. Durbin, the Senate Majority Whip, assistant to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is precisely that kind of person. Illinois voters should take heed and vote him out of office.

Thomas Jefferson gave us the “sum of good government” in his First Inaugural Address. He defined a good government as one that would “restrain men from injuring one another” but otherwise leave them free to regulate their pursuits of industry and improvement. Jefferson feared “energy” in government, deeming it “always oppressive.” Jefferson, Madison, Adams, and Washington all viewed as central to the American republic the vesting of governing power (legislative, executive, and judicial) in separate constitutional departments and forbad delegation of those powers into any single hands, viewing that delegation as the “very definition of tyranny.” They expected taxation to depend primarily on external taxes of goods and not on internal taxes. They expected government to live within its means, and they very much opposed the notion that government should erect barriers to competition. In reference to government, Jefferson warned against “too many parasites living on the labour of the industrious.” The Founding Fathers expected health, safety, and policing laws to be the province of the states, not the federal government, and viewed an assumption of control by the federal government over health, safety, and policing laws to be beyond the enumerated powers in Article I and contrary to federalism. They expected state power to serve as a bulwark against the usurpation of powers by the federal government.

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