Obama’s Stalemate on Gun Control

Friday, July 8, 2011
By Paul Martin

Thursday, July 7, 2011

It is now a full blown scandal now. Operation Fast and Furious and Operation Gunrunner is exposed as a false flag attack on our right to keep and bear arms This was a coordinated effort from the White House and carried out by the Justice Department to attack the law abiding gun owners. Now we all know he is coming for our firearms. He was caught using the BATF to send guns into Mexico to blame the border violence on the second amendment as the cause.The right to keep and bear arms is a sacred right that preceded the Bill of Rights. Private firearm ownership is the only thing keeping us from experiencing Bolshevik terror at the mercy of murderous thugs who took over the government.

The real laughable thing to see is this President does not know how much he is hated. He does not know how much the ground has shifted underneath his feet. If he believes Americans will turn in their firearms if he signed an executive order will be the tipping point where Americans will push back. They need to find a way to take our guns because they cannot take out food, It is a very hard to sell the public to turn in their guns because the children’s safety when he was behind the whole scandal all this time.They cannot steal the rest of the wealth of a nation. They cannot control the food or commerce completely. They cannot take down the United States and implode the economy completely unless they have the guns. As long there are guns in the hands of the people, There is a good chance we will not fall completely as they wanted. They need a disarmed public to carry out their agenda. Our firearms will be the key to the survival of our republic.

We are witnessing the act of desperation by the tyrants in government to clamp down on the population. There is nothing popular the President is doing people like. The people want to TSA to leave them alone and keep their hands to themselves. The President is in a stalemate with everything in his agenda. The resistance is building to the point that we can see the tipping point and push back coming real soon. He actions with gun control shows who he really is. He is a tyrant. People see he is the threat to our freedoms and our way of life. Resistance to his agenda is popping up all around the country.Even though they try to move forward with an agenda in the most brazen arrogant way. Resistance withstands the worst Obama has to offer. The tipping point is coming that is not in their favor. This will be the stalemate were they cannot move forward.Also, they cannot retreat either because if they move forward they will lose. If they retreat. They will be pursued for the laws broken. They have so much more to lose than we do.

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