Obama and his aides on top of the world – American workers in the toilet

Thursday, July 7, 2011
By Paul Martin

Let’s kick him and all the other anti American, progressive leftists out in 2012

Dr. Laurie Roth

Already in this campaign season we hear the usual boring and predictable rhetoric from Obama how he and the nation inherited this economic mess and unemployment nightmare. Bush this and Republican that. Even though Bush has been gone for several years now, all can be tracked to him, even your sore shoulder, pimples and hair loss. Bush and conservatives did everything wrong, you know.

America is in great pain. Our economy is still in huge recession, the housing market is as bad as the Great Depression and unemployment is soaring. Even the L.A. times is acknowledging unemployment at 9.1% Many other sources and various states report much higher figures, some double and some triple those numbers.

On Fox news the other day Charles Krauthammer reminded us that we are showing unprecedented unemployment. In fact, one out of every six Americans is not only unemployed but many have been unemployed for 6 months or longer. He points out how this is unheard of in America but more common in Europe. In the Bush years it took an average of five weeks to get a new job. Now we are talking 6 months or more. Krauthammer ominously states that the unemployed middle class may never get another job. We have a nation of growing and rich, political and global elites and increasingly poor worker bees. That is the classic Obama, socialist/communist plan.

It gets better

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