The Left Hates Peace and Freedom

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
By Paul Martin

What About the ‘Real’ Left?

by Anthony Gregory

Every time I criticize the left for being soft on the police state and war machine, I’m chastised for confusing moderate Democrats with the “real left.” I’m told that the true left is consistently antiwar and holds no brief for Barack Obama or his party. I heard this again in response to my recent LRC column, “Why the Left Fears Libertarianism.”

It sounds good, and there is a whiff of truth to it. The civil libertarian lawyers taking the administration to task for his detention policy, many journalists exposing the evils of the war and corporate state, and radical scholars in academia see themselves as being on the left, and they are often critical of the regime for sound reasons. Tom Woods estimates, perhaps jokingly, that the number of principled folks on the left must be somewhere around 37. I let him know that I found this to be an optimistically high figure.

Certainly, the principled voices on the left are a distinct minority. If a handful of liberal bloggers, seditious historians, criminal defense attorneys and ex-Marxist journalists are all the “true left” is reduced to, then I suppose this country is over 97% conservative.

Some will respond, as they often do, that this is an unfair characterization of “true conservatism”! Indeed, every time I condemned Bush’s profligacy and foreign aggression, I was taken to task for calling his administration “conservative.” You see, “true conservatives” oppose unprovoked wars, violations of the Bill of Rights, state intrusion into personal affairs, big government programs of all kinds, corporate welfare, and everything else the Republican Party has dedicated itself to for 150 years.

Give it up, guys. In common use, and in actual practice, the conservatives love the military and police state and the left loves leviathan, and ultimately this means both camps accept the fundamental premises and key policies of the modern state.

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