The Floundering “Ship of State”…Time to Toss “Values” Aside and “Kick Some Ass”

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Gordon Duff

For me, the “last straw” was John McCain’s paranoid blithering about Afghanistan. He wants us to stay there forever. Good, the “Hanoi Songbird,” the real “Jane Fonda” has spoken, based on his heroic record. For those of you who don’t know, the only thing that kept McCain out of prison after leaving North Vietnam so many years ago was a presidential pardon. How bad? The accusations made against McCain by Hopper and Guy, real heroes, were damning beyond, well, beyond what?

The worst of it is that during his lucid moments, McCain may be the best of the lot in the Senate anyway. My guess is that McCain and his buddy Liebermann have some tie-in with the drug cartels. That’s just a guess.
So, lets take a second to look at Afghanistan.
We invaded Afghanistan, supposedly because of the destruction of 9/11. Jim Fetzer has a new article on 9/11 at Veterans Today. I strongly suggest reading it and passing it on. If you are bored with 9/11 or find yourself feeling comfortable about how this crime is being overlooked, you might just be wasting oxygen better used by a lawn mower or BBQ grill somewhere.

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