Relentless Drive by Globalists to Kill the Constitution

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

Kurt Nimmo
July 5, 2011

In America, the main obstacle to complete domination by the bankster elite is the Constitution. Over the last few years, they have used their corporate media to attack constitutionalists and portray them as violent lunatics who threaten the security of the United States.
It is no secret that the establishment Republican party hates and fears Ron Paul. They have pulled out all stops to make sure he never gets anywhere near the Oval Office. Paul is continually attacked in the corporate media as a political throwback and isolationist whomakes excuses for terrorists and drug addicts.

The Republicans were so threatened by the emergence of a libertarian Tea Party – founded on bedrock constitutional principles – they sent their operatives to compromise and takeover the movement. Now the corporate media tells us the warmonger and reality television starSarah Palin is the leader of the Tea Party.
So-called conservative Republicans are deemed born-again Tea Party members, including Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann who so loves the state she felt compelled to kiss master war criminal George W. Bush after he delivered his State of the Union teleprompter address in 2008.
Prior to winning a senatorial race in Kentucky, Rand Paul was portrayed by the corporate media as a racist troglodyte after making politically incorrect comments about the unconstitutional 1964 Civil Rights Act.
Following a drive-by attack on Paul by MSNBC teleprompter reader Rachel Maddow during the run-up to the election, the corporate media fell in line and denounced Paul as a racist. When this didn’t work, they simply dismissed him as a wide-eyed, naive utopian libertarian. None of this viciousness worked, however, and voters in Kentucky sent Paul to the Senate.
The elite controlling our burgeoning federal government portray constitutionalists as bomb-throwing terrorists and racist militias determined to assassinate Obama.

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