Totalitopia: The New Man Fashioned From The Forge of Brutality

Monday, July 4, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Michael Vail
Jul 4 2011

“Communism and socialism is seductive. It promises us that people will contribute according to ability and receive according to needs. Everybody is equal. Everybody has a right to decent housing, decent food and affordable medical care. History should have taught us that when we hear people talk this stuff — watch out!” Walter E. Williams

“Read Plato’s Republic and More’s Utopia both socialist works and imagine yourself living in the community portrayed by either. You will see that boredom would drive you to suicide or rebellion. A man who has never had security may think that it would satisfy him, but in fact-to borrow an analogy from mountaineering-it is only a base camp from which dangerous ascents can begin. The impulse to danger and adventure is deeply ingrained in human nature, and no society which ignores it can long be stable.” Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science On Society

In the mind of every bureaucrat and ideologue exists the future society they wish to create for themselves. John F. Kennedy made speeches about building a new government for establishing his ‘city on the hill’. JFK’s administration was likened to Camelot, a romantic medieval utopia.

We will discuss some of the characteristics of utopias and how they compare to our modern centralized governments. We may take a peek in to governments of the future as they attempt to carry out some of these ancient ideals.

Characteristic 1.) The World State/Globalism

“If the surmise of a developing New Republic, a Republic that must ultimately become a World State of capable rational men, developing amidst the fading contours and colours of our existing nations and institutions be indeed no idle dream, but an attainable possibility in the future, and to that end it is that the preceding Anticipations have been mainly written, it becomes a speculation of very great interest to forecast something of the general shape and something even of certain details of that common body of opinion which the New Republic, when at last it discovers and declares itself, will possess. Since we have supposed this New Republic will already be consciously and pretty freely controlling the general affairs of humanity before this century closes, its broad principles and opinions must necessarily shape and determine that still ampler future of which the coming hundred years is but the opening phase. “ –H.G. Wells

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