Top 4 Reasons To Tell Everyone You Know About the Coming Wealth Transfer

Friday, June 17, 2011
By Paul Martin

Wealth Cycles
June 17, 2011

Oftentimes, we feel like we are wandering the labyrinth of life without anything really happening. Most of the big news is on the periphery of our lives, and if you don’t go out of your way to watch or read the news, it won’t really affect you. The fortunes of businesses and countries ebb and flow (especially in Financial Crises), but in our cushy, sheltered lives, there is often little reason to care.

But you should care. And so should everyone else.

The events of the past 40 years have set into motion a course of events that will cumulate in a wealth transfer unlike any the world has known.

Wealth transfers happen every day. If you buy a stock, and it falls, your purchasing power has been transferred to the guy that sold you the stock. He can buy the same stock again and still have some cash left over—his purchasing power has increased.

The Wealth Cycle Principle hinges on a giant cyclical wealth transfer. In the history books, this type of wealth transfer happens every once in a long while, but this time around, as readers know, things are going to be different. Sometimes, people may think you are off your rocker when you tell them about wealth cycles, but once they study the cycles, they, too, will know about the wealth transfer that will occur in our lifetime. Here are the top four reasons to share your understanding of the Wealth Cycle Principle with others:

1.It will affect them—After World War II, the world become increasingly interlinked–not just through trade, but through culture, technology, and finance as well. Today international trade is an integral part of almost every country’s wealth—and the U.S. dollar is the lifeblood of international trade. Around the world, goods are bought and sold, loans are made, and even taxes are paid in U.S. dollars.

If the U.S. dollar spirals into the historical dustbin of failed currencies—it will affect the entire globe. In the most recent Financial Crisis, real estate problems in the U.S. quickly mutated and spread throughout the globe—demonstrating just how global our economy has become. When our fiat currency and debt-based economic system fails—as it inevitably will—everyone on Earth will be affected, either for the better or for the worse.

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