Friday, June 17, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Dr. Laurie Roth
June 17, 2011

It is time for those running for office to stop thinking about sound bites, career moves, political expediency and money. We must stop speculating, if not planning for race wars, smears and a sea of Alynsky diversions if Obama is confronted. Know it all will happen and be ugly. It never has mattered what Obama’s race was. I’m thrilled we have a black man in the White House. I’m horrified and offended at his Un-American, illegal and evil behavior. Funny about evil behavior. It knows no color boundaries and plays with every color in the deck.

Let us look at all the layers of misrepresentation and horror with President Obama.

Unconstitutional Health care bill that must be destroyed

Obama, with his progressive controlled congress pushed for, lied about, then got passed over a trillion dollar Health care bill, that forces us all to have Government approved Health care. Just some of the things peppered through this bill, you know, the one rich Pelosi said she didn’t read but would later.

Morsels of Obama Health care

• It does pay for illegal aliens to have health care (page 50 section 152) It will provide insurance to all non-U.S. residents.
• The IRS controls this monster and according to page 58 and 59, the Government will have access to your bank account and have all authority to make money transfers from it. Best not be late on any of your forced, insurance payments!
• Doctors will be told what they will be paid. Yes, it doesn’t matter their specialty, the government decides on their charges. Welcome communism. (page 241 and 253)
• There will be deadly rationing of health care for older patients. (Check out page 272). Cancer hospitals say they will ration care according to a patient’s age. Kiss it goodbye if you are 76 and get cancer. Have you ever thought of assisted suicide?
• Related to the above horror, the Government really will mandate ‘advanced-care- planning-consultations. (death panels). If you are on social security, guess what, you will be forced to attend the ‘end-of-life’ planning seminar every five years. (Page 425, line 4-12)
• The Government will make the decision and declare which Doctors can write an ‘end-of-life order. (page 429, line 13-25). This will become manipulated and planned mass murder of seniors if it stands. That is my strong opinion.
• Finally, your last Health care snack for today is to remind you that like Congress being exempt from Social Security, instead given a massive retirement package, way above us commoners, they are also exempt from this health care bill. They are above that also. You wouldn’t want them fined, to not have the right care in time, or have money yanked out of their account would you? That would be awkward and rude.

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