(“Now They Tell Us” Series) Strontium Was Detected 62 Kilometers from Fukushima I in April and May, Says Ministry of Education

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
By Paul Martin


Does it take that long to analyze the soil samples for strontium? (I know, I know…)

Asahi Shinbun reports that radioactive strontium was detected in soil as far away as 62 kilometers from the plant. The samples were taken between April 10 and May 19.

What’s hilarious in the article is the so-called expert’s comment, basically saying “Where there’s cesium there’s strontium. So of course we see strontium in the soil. But don’t worry, if you don’t eat much cesium, observing the government’s provisional limit which may or may not stays the same, you’re OK.”

Well, he had been awfully quiet about that bit of information until asked by the Asahi reporter who wrote the piece. Disingenuous of Asahi Shinbun also; it is the first time that I remember, that any newspaper has said “where there’s cesium, strontium is supposed to be there also.” Asahi had a chance to say so from the day one, but didn’t bother.

Non-government, non-experts like the rest of the Japanese already suspected it from long ago, particularly when they knew that strontium, plutonium, uranium, even americium, of Fukushima origin had been detected in the US.

From Asahi Shinbun (12:00AM JST 6/9/2011):

 文部科学省は8日、放射性ストロンチウムが東京電力福島第一原子力発電所から62キロ離れた福島市など、福島県内11カ所の土壌で新たに検出されたこと を明らかにした。放射性セシウムが検出されたところでは、微量に見つかるとされており、それが証明された形だ。放射性ストロンチウムには半減期が長いもの があって、体に入ると長期間影響を及ぼす可能性があり、監視が必要だ。

The Ministry of Education and Science disclosed on June 8 that radioactive strontium had been detected at 11 locations in Fukushima Prefecture, including Fukushima City which is 62 kilometers away from Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant. A small amount of strontium is supposed to be found where radioactive cesium is also found, and now it’s been proven so. Some strontium radioisotopes have long half-life, and they could affect the body for long time if ingested.

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