Biggest Protest In Athens Under Way As Tens Of Thousands Ask “Where Did Our Money Go”, Demand No More Austerity

Sunday, June 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

After 12 consecutive days of protests, the biggest gathering in Athens’ parliamentary Syntagma square is currently underway. The FT reports: “Thousands of Greeks protested outside parliament on Sunday against a fresh austerity package agreed in return for the country’s second bail-out in 13 months by the European Union and International Monetary Fund. “Thieves, thieves….Where did our money go?” the protestors shouted, blowing whistles and waving Greek flags as riot police thickened ranks around the parliament building on Syntagma square in the centre of the capital…Frustration over the socialist government’s half-hearted reform effort has united diverse activists –from unemployed graduates to environmentalists and pensioners – under the umbrella of the new movement. George Papaconstantinou, finance minister, is due to unveil on Monday a €6.4bn emergency package of tax increases and cuts in allowances aimed at putting this year’s budget back on track….“What went wrong? We need answers right now,” said Rovertos, a volunteer computer technician helping provide wi-fi services at the protest camp. “The government promised there wouldn’t be any more tough measures but they’re about to announce new taxes and thousands of job cuts,” said Stefanos, a retired civil servant sitting outside a tent.” What went wrong is that Greece is in the process of being colonized by the global banker certal. But with summer season in swing, and most Greeks hitting the beach, we doubt many will notice until it is too late. As for those who may have noticed, below is a webstream of the biggest protest before ththe Greek parliament in 2011. It is sure to provide some entertainment for when the EUR opens up in 3 hours, if not much else.

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