Indiana: Full Frontal Fascism

Saturday, May 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

Larken Rose

Something huge–huge and not good–just happened in Indiana, which will be little more than a blip in the propaganda that passes for national news. The Supreme Court of Indiana just ruled that in Indiana, if a police officer decides to illegally come into your house, you’re not allowed to do anything to stop him. According to “Justice” Steven David, resisting an admittedly “unlawful police entry into a home” is against “public policy.” Got that? If you live in Indiana, and a cop decides to invade your home without a shred of legal justification, it is considered a crime for you to do anything to stop him.

Bizarrely, “Justice” David also said that resisting law-breaking cops goes against “modern Fourth Amendment jurisprudence.” You see, only judges are wise enough to know that when the Fourth Amendment says you have a right to be free from “unreasonable searches and seizures,” it actually means that the cops have the right to commit “unreasonable searches and seizures,” and you have no right to do anything to stop it.

Please allow me to toot my own horn here, by pointing out that in my novel, “The Iron Web” (page 231), I predicted this step occurring. It is an essential, major step towards totalitarianism, for the control freaks to decide that even when they break their own laws, their victims have no right to resist. There is a huge principle at stake here, and what these three Indiana jackass “judges” have just done is guarantee either complete totalitarianism, or a bloody revolution (or both, in that order). Because this ruling means, quite literally, that residence of Indiana have no rights at all. What would it possibly mean to say you have a “right” to not have your home illegally invaded by a jackbooted thug, while also saying that you cannot do anything to defend that right? To say that you are legally required to allow your rights to be violated means that they aren’t rights. (Duh.)

But never fear, because, according to the Supreme Jackass Court of Indiana, you can always come crawling to your masters, after you’ve been illegally victimized by one of their jackboots, to beg for some restitution. (Good luck with that.) “Justice” David says that, after you let the cop illegally invade your home, you can always “protest the illegal entry through the court system.” That’s almost straight out of my novel, where a new (fictional) law would “mak[e] it a crime to forcibly resist any arrest, while also providing legal remedies to those who have been subjected to improper arrest.” (This isn’t the first thing in my novel that later became either proposed legislation or a new court ruling.)

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