Could Private Defense Be Any Worse?

Friday, May 13, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Michael S. Rozeff

What we have now is socialized defense. Could private defense be any worse?

Private defense means either that you choose a privately-owned and operated defense company for your defense services, or else you join a voluntary defense association. It means either you hire the defense company you want or join the association you want. You pay directly for the service or create the service with others. You can change from one defense company or association to another as you will or as you have committed through contract. You, the consumer of defense services, have choice in the defense services.

Private defense means there are several or many defense companies or associations to choose from. They are rivals for your patronage or business. They want your business. That makes them customer oriented. They want to provide you the services you want at a price you are willing to pay.

Companies that are rivals in business hold down costs. They don’t spend money on defense services that their customers do not want. If they do, their competitors can undersell them and take away their customers.

As rivals they are under competitive pressure to innovate. They keep seeking to provide better and better defense services at lower and lower costs. They place pressure on those companies that supply them with resources, equipment, and manpower. They recruit and train their own personnel efficiently.

Private defense means that you the customer or association member know exactly how much you are paying for the defense services or what services you are contributing.

Private defense means that there is a market for defense services. Markets provide differentiated products. Defense in Seattle differs from defense in Atlanta. Local wants get satisfied to the extent possible.

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