Why the West Is Attacking Gaddafi

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Michael S. Rozeff

Outside powers in the West stirred up and blessed the rebellion against Gaddafi. Through NATO and the UN, they are now aiding these same rebels.

They want to get rid of Gaddafi. They want him removed from power. This article explains why they want this.

The basic reason is simple. Gaddafi confronts their power. He confronts the status quo of the Empire. He demands greater power for Africa and the African Union. He demands greater power for smaller countries in the United Nations. Gaddafi calls for investigations of past wars. He is calling for a new way forward that reduces the powers of any one or a few countries to dominate the world.

For the sake of appearances, the Western allies are fighting the war in Libya within self-chosen limits. They need to maintain the facade of a legitimate and neutral NATO that is acting with UN approval. These organizations are under their control. They calculate that they can get rid of Gaddafi within those limits, while still not appearing to be the aggressors against him that they are.

Gaddafi’s relations with the West have always been rocky and filled with mutual distrust. They have followed many twists and turns. A documentary that interviews many of the major government players is “Gaddafi: Our Best Enemy.” This excellent production reviews the history between 1969 and 2009. A lengthy Wiki piece on Gaddafi appears here. See also here for other views.

Pointing out some of the truths in what Gaddafi has said about the West does not imply approval of Gaddafi’s own violence and statism. We may disapprove of what these men of power say and do, but we still can examine what they say and do in order to understand them and understand what is going on in their power plays and disputes.

Gaddafi is a shrewd man of power, who has shown pragmatic flexibility in doing what it takes to stay in power. He likes being in power. He knows how to use power, with brutality when he deems that necessary. However, no man of power is purely good or evil. He is no exception.

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