China’s “To-Do” List: Amass Gold, Create World Currency

Friday, May 6, 2011
By Paul Martin


I don’t think people understand the Chinese psychology. China has been denigrated, despised and “spat on” for decades. Strange, but I believe you can see the Caucasian attitude towards the Chinese in the price of Chinese food in Chinese restaurants. I remember years ago when Chinese chefs complained that their food was unappreciated and sold too cheaply compared with other cuisines. When you dine at a typical Chinese restaurant you expect to pay $13 to $15 for a dinner. But when you go to a French restaurant you are prepared to spend $25 or more for a dinner. Why? Is French cuisine really any better than the best Hong Kong cuisine?
When you take your clothes to a Chinese laundry you expect to receive bargain prices for laundering or dry cleaning. Why? Well, because it’s Chinese.

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