Scientist: Radiation in food going to be a nationwide problem in US — Not just limited to one region (VIDEO)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011
By Paul Martin
May 3rd, 2011

Where is all that Fukushima radiation going, and why does it matter?, Fairewinds Associates, May 2, 2011:

Fairewinds’ founder Maggie Gundersen interviews environmental scientist and professional engineer Marco Kaltofen about his ongoing analysis of radioactive fallout from Fukushima.


2:45 Internal radiation
5:00 Particles
9:00 Particles can land and continuous expose someone
11:10 Radiation in food going to be a nationwide problem
16:35 Geiger counter doesn’t measure dusty fallout
16:50 Gov’t agencies need to take on burden of testing, it’s going to be serious and we want to get info in a timely way

The Rest…HERE

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