Socialism and the State…(A Must Read)

Saturday, April 30, 2011
By Paul Martin

By JR Nyquist

The U.S. Government refuses to live within its means. Such is the message we hear, again and again, from all sides. But why can’t the state lower its spending? Quite simply, because we now believe that government should do everything. In other words, the liberal ideal of limited government has all but disappeared. In fact, liberalism has disappeared; and those who call themselves liberals today are socialists.

William Henry Chamberlin (1897-1969), having lost his faith in socialism, summed up the experience of his generation as follows: “socialism is … the road not to freedom, but to dictatorship and counter-dictatorships, to civil war of the fiercest kind.” In respect of this statement, those with limited historical knowledge or experience probably won’t understand Chamberlin’s statement. Yet there is nothing to understand except the fact that socialism is incompatible with freedom, incompatible with peace, and incompatible with prosperity.

If you want to understand why the United States government cannot live within its means, consider the fact that socialists have been mass-produced at our universities and schools for many years now. Socialists have taken over education in America. And look what they have wrought in our midst. When the back of the economy is broken by socialism, what will we have? Dictatorship and/or civil war. But who has the wisdom to see this eventuality? “The most important event in the history of the last hundred years is the displacement of liberalism by etatism,” wrote Ludwig von Mises several decades ago.

And what is etatism? It takes two forms: socialism and interventionism. Each has the goal of subordinating the individual to the state. As Mises explained, “Etatism assigns to the state the task of guiding the citizens and of holding them in tutelage. It aims at restricting the individual’s freedom to act. It seeks to mold his destiny and to vest all initiative in the government alone.” In the American context, the socialist impulse in the U.S. Federal Government (and many states) has found ways to dictate to families and individuals. “Socialism aims at a social system based on public ownership of the means of production,” noted Mises. “In a socialist community all material resources are owned and operated by the government.”

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