Dr. Mark Sircus: Radioactive Currents and Winds

Sunday, April 24, 2011
By Paul Martin

The Intel Hub
By Dr. Mark Sircus – IMVA – Contributing Writer
April 23rd, 2011

There are all kinds of nuclear materials coming out of that Japanese plant but only a few of them are being measured. We hear about radioactive iodine and caesium but nothing about tritium, uranium and plutonium particles, which are especially dangerous because they are alpha emitters. It’s kind of like the official weather services reporting on hail but never on rain, snow or sleet.

In fact things are so bad in Japan you have to hunt for news about it. The main news outlets are covering it up, I imagine, so as to not cause a panic.

You know something is seriously wrong when they stop reporting on an ongoing event of such seriousness and instead fill up the airways with trivia. It does seem today that finding the best credit card is more important than news of nuclear Armageddon happening on our beautiful planet.

What is radiation but a wind that blows our lives to a hastier end? Radiation is the death principle and as levels increase our lives are shortened. One can now shorten one’s life to a day simply by stepping inside one of those doors in the reactor buildings in Japan. Two hundred miles away radiation levels in Tokyo have gone up by a factor of 2.5.

That means people who live there will now get, in ten years, what they would have gotten in 25 and that is only if the contamination does not get worse. The radiation detector above marks 0.6 micro-sieverts, exceeding normal levels near the Shibuya train station in Tokyo.

The sun is healthy and necessary for us. Some forms of radiation make us blossom. Too much, though, in too short of time will burn us and drive us into the ground if we are out in the desert, especially without water. It does not take much scientific intelligence to point out that getting a whole year’s sunshine in an hour will fry a person to a crisp. Radiation “dose rate” is important as is “dose density.”

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