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Japan Nuclear Iodine Radiation In San Francisco Milk Over 2600% Above EPA Drinking Water Limit

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

by Alexander Higgins April 23, 2011 Japan nuclear iodine radiation in San Francisco raw milk detected at 2600% EPA drinking water limits and in store bought milk 1045% above EPA limits by the latest University of Berkeley radiation tests. The UCB also claimed that all radiation levels in the milk were starting to... »

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Are These the 20 Signs That Point to a Global Food Crisis?

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Jonathon M. Seidl On Sunday we heard the head of the World Bank say that he’s “concerned” about food prices, and that we’re “one shock away from a full-grown crisis.” Heavy stuff. But get ready, it’s about to get cinder-block-around-your-feet-in-a-lake heavy. “In case you haven’t noticed, the world is on the verge of... »

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Wheat Prices on Fire, Relentless Drought Devastates Crops in Okla, Texas

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

By Tom Polansek 23/04/2011 Blame it on the lack of rain. Wheat prices are on fire, as a relentless drought has devastated crops in Oklahoma and Texas, which saw raging wildfires after more than six dry months. And prices are positioned to go even higher — if Kansas, typically the country’s top wheat... »

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FUKUSHIMA = 2,000 Atomic Bombs

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

by Bob Nichols April 22, 2011 Killer Contamination Spreads Worldwide Without Opposition (San Francisco) – Radioactive contamination equivalent to the Fukushima, Japan disaster in terms of the hated “Mushroom Cloud” Atomic Bombs is two thousand (2,000) 500 Kiloton Atomic Bombs.* Each 500kt Atomic Bomb is 33 times bigger than the American Bomb that... »

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