Dr. Mark Sircus: Running For Our Lives

Saturday, April 16, 2011
By Paul Martin

The Intel Hub
By Dr. Mark Sircus – Contributing Writer
April 15th, 2011

Avoiding exposure and radiation-induced diseases might come down to, I am terribly sorry to say, running for our very lives. Anyone who cannot accept this is the reality millions of Japanese face is probably not worth saving so let them consume all the milk and unwashed leafy vegetables they can.

Dr. Michio Kaku, answering the question about the size of the evacuation zone, said:

It’s pathetic. The United States government has already stated 50 miles for evacuating U.S. personnel. The French government has stated that all French people should consider leaving the entire islands. And here we are with a government talking about six miles, 10 miles, 12 miles.

The people there are wondering, “What’s going on with the government? I mean, why aren’t they telling us the truth?” Radiation levels are now rising 25 miles from the site, far beyond the evacuation zone. And remember that we could see an increase in leukemia. We could see an increase in thyroid cancers. That’s the inevitable consequence of releasing enormous quantities of iodine into the environment.

So Dr. Kaku agrees with me about the need for millions to run. Lucky for many Japanese is the fact that so far the winds have blown most of the danger out to sea and onto the northern American continent. If the winds turn and blow to the south for any length of time it could mean curtains for Tokyo.

In today’s post I will begin to answer what Arnie Gundersen is not quite ready to say but will say next week when he has more data. And that is to answer the question of what to do for oneself and one’s family during this nuclear crisis that the world’s governments don’t want you to know. They are, in reality controlled by one-world institutions like the UN, the World Health Organization and others, and that is why we see a lockstep response heard around the world that says—don’t worry!

Life goes on as before and if you want evidence for that just look at your newspaper, Yahoo news summaries or your television to see. But sorry, that is not the truth—not true at all as a tragedy on a civilization-size scale silently falls down on us in the form of nuclear mists of fine very dangerous particles. Most are ignoring this while believing the propaganda of deception that still sounds the loud bells about nuclear safety.

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