Fire John Boehner – America Watched Boehner Fold Like A 20 Dollar Suit So Boehner Must Go In 2012

Monday, April 11, 2011
By Paul Martin

Have you ever noticed that whenever it comes time to stand on principle top Republican lawmakers always fold like a 20 dollar suit? This time it was John Boehner. It went down like this – the Democrats knew that if they played hardball and set up a government shutdown for the weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival that Boehner would cave. Boehner took negotiations up to the last minute to make it “look good” for the Tea Party, but the truth is that Boehner wanted nothing to do with a government shutdown and the Democrats knew that. The Democrats drew their lines in the sand on issue after issue and Boehner caved and caved and caved. So now it is time to fire John Boehner along with Barack Obama in 2012. Boehner must go. If the Tea Party is serious about cutting government spending then they must hold John Boehner accountable and go after his seat during the next primary season. The truth is that the “budget deal” is a complete and total joke. A one percent cut to the U.S. government budget is laughable. Is that why dozens of Tea Party activists were sent to Washington D.C.? If this is the “best” that can be done, the truth is that there is no hope of ever getting U.S. government debt under control.

38.5 billion dollars. Just think about that. The “whopping” 38.5 billion dollars in cuts represent about one percent of the federal budget.

Who in the world is dumb enough to call that a victory?

Wow – instead of the budget deficit being an all-time record $1.6 trillion this year it might only be an all-time record of $1.55 trillion.

Any Republican that votes for this deal is a sellout.

Of course we have known all along that most Republicans are complete and total sellouts.

We would have never gotten into this mess if we had stayed true to the principles of our founding fathers. Did you know that Thomas Jefferson wanted to add one more amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would have banned all government borrowing? Why aren’t any of our “representatives” in Washington D.C. today making a proposal like this….

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