Thursday, April 7, 2011
By Paul Martin

By J.B. Williams
April 7, 2011

There should be no debate over spending in DC at this point. Over the last seventy years, our federal government, behaving as an unconstitutional supreme central power, has spent the most productive and prosperous nation on earth into third world status.

Bickering over a few billion in planned deficit spending above $1.65 trillion in just the next year, when the nation is already more than $14 trillion in unsustainable debt threatening the very existence of our dollar – is the definition of insanity.

Democrats are forcing a so-called shutdown in their effort to keep spending money we don’t have.

Republicans are only calling for a symbolic level of spending cuts. Nobody in Washington DC seems serious about ending the fiscal insanity. Even the president’s bi-partisan debt panel is recommending deficit spending for at least another twenty-five years.

I say, shut it down! The federal government has done more to harm the union of states than they have ever done to improve freedom and liberty in America. We will be better off without a federal government, each state able to fund and govern itself better than the Fed ever will.

Extreme threats demand extreme measures, and nothing threatens the future freedom and prosperity of the United States more than our own federal government. Enemies beyond, we can deal with. It’s the enemy within which threatens us most today. It’s time to shut it down and reset.

As we have proven in election after election, changing the players on the field from time to time does not change the game. We need a game changer here, beginning with forcing our elected servants to live within the confines of the Constitution, existing laws and the budget that we allow them.

Everything in this country is backwards, up-side-down and inside-out. The people can never win a game in which they are not even a player. DC players make up the rules as they go and those rules never benefit the people.

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