Rising Food Prices Fueling Global Problems

Thursday, April 7, 2011
By Paul Martin

Charlene Israel

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – Tori Jones told CBN News that keeping food in her kitchen cabinets has not been easy.

“It’s been hard, it’s been really hard. We just try to cut back,” she admitted.

Jones and her husband Eric said that higher prices for food, along with paying more to fill up their gas tanks, has put a strain on their family’s food budget.

“She typically tells me do, ‘You know how much the stuff cost today?” Eric said. “Sometimes it’s like a few items we expect to be like $20 or $30. It’ll be double that.”

The Jones’ said their monthly grocery bill has seen dramatic increase.

“Normally $300. Now easily $400 to $500,” Tori explained.

In February, food prices jumped 3.9 percent, the biggest one-month jump since November 1974.

Not So ‘Corny’ Prices

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