War Is Holy, This I Know – For Dear Leader Tells Me So

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

by William Norman Grigg

“I take President Obama’s word for it that troops will not be engaged on the ground,” eructated MSNBC’s Ed Schultz, rebuking investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill for fomenting doubts about the wisdom of the Dear Leader’s war in Libya. When Scahill made a passing reference to “your President Obama,” Schultz morphed into a portlier, more articulate version of Sean Hannity: “`My’ President Obama? Is he your president, too? Jeremy, is he your president, too?”

A suitable response to hectoring of this kind from a certified cultist would be the following:

“I am not a member of the U.S. military, which means that I do not have a commander-in-chief. I am not an employee of the executive branch of the federal government, which means that the occupant of the White House is not my supervisor. Mr. Obama does not preside over me in any sense that I recognize. To the extent we have any relationship at all, Mr. Obama should be considered my subordinate, one of the hired help. He certainly doesn’t have any moral or legal standing to pretend that he can order me to do anything, and if I had the opportunity I would place him under citizen’s arrest for his crimes against the Constitution, individual liberty, and the peace of nations – of which his criminal assault on Libya is the most recent but hardly the only example.”

There was a time, perhaps five of six years ago, when Ed Schultz was a genuinely independent radio commentator of a left-leaning populist bent. I doubt that the Ed Schultz of 2005 would recognize the sycophantic invertebrate who began the segment with Scahill by uttering the following homily on the theme of the Leader Principle: “This isn’t Bush-talk; this is totally different from Iraq…. The president has gone on record saying that Libyan agents have killed Americans – that’s all as an American I need to hear; let’s get it done.”

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