Tuesday, April 5, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Sheriff Jim R. Schwiesow, Ret.
April 5, 2011

Good morning Mr. and Mrs. America I have a news alert for you. The United States is dying, it is a terminally ill nation that moves through current times on tottering legs, derives an ever dwindling sustenance from the rapidly dissipating vestiges of its former greatness, and gropes its way through the Godless- darkness of a fallen world via a disease-ridden brain.

A post mortem of the demise of this once great giant will disclose that it succumbed to a pestilence born of the elements of lawlessness so grievous, so deep, so filthy, and so certifiably fatal that its life was unsustainable and forfeit to the decaying plague that was upon it. The eulogy given upon its self-inflicted death will read: “Born to freedom and laid to rest in shame.” Few will grieve.


Oh, yes! You say, as a compassionate liberal I feel I must agree. This baneful circumstance must be laid at the feet of the conservative constituency in this nation, which with gloating glee and malicious satisfaction cheers the invasions and bombings of undeclared wars. It is these, who pridefully extol with sadistic joy the deployment of exceedingly superior weaponry against militarily inferior nations and the rains of terror upon the non-combatants thereof, which are to blame. Nobody respects a belligerent bully that militarily suppresses the internal will of weaker nations for purely selfish reasons.

Indeed it is unquestionably these same neocons, who have championed nearly sixty years of a nigh onto continuous prosecution of undeclared wars and the dumping of life destroying and environmentally pernicious chemical agents, volatile ordnance, and igneous precipitants upon the most wretched of inhabitants of the most chronically deprived and backward societies that are responsible for such a demise.

Further it is a fact that the remorseless strives of these conscienceless advocators of mayhem on the foreign front were replicated domestically by their enablement and political support of the heartless machinations of the corporate barons that induced the loss of jobs and the disruption of livelihoods by their deliberate obliteration of domestic industry, this that they might avail themselves of cheap foreign labor and reap the benefit of obscene profits at the expense of an indigenous American work force. If the American destiny is destruction the circumstances of such demise must be adjudicated and historically commemorated that it was the conservatives who were at fault.


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