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Sunday, April 3, 2011
By Paul Martin

The Intel Hub
By Dr. Richard Sauder
April 3, 2011

I recently did an hour interview with Jeff Rense (RenseRadio.com) where I talked extensively about my ayahuasca experiences and what I believe the import of what I have seen to be. I did not discuss my latest vision, but I discussed the import of my other visions, which revealed that the Earth and everything on it, including the human race, is under ruthless attack by a vastly powerful, cold, impersonal, relentless, artificially created, hyper-intelligent Machine entity that is so endlessly cunning and deceitful that Machiavelli is but a fumbling, bumbling amateur by comparison.

This Machine will not stop coming. Its goal is total, full-spectrum domination and/or annihilation of this planet and its biosphere. That includes humanity. On every hand the planet, the ecology and the human race are under cruel assault.

Hollywood has come out with some movies and television series in the past couple of decades that have captured part of this scenario; the Sci-Fi channel’s Battle Star Galactica TV series, the first MATRIX movie and the Terminator movies convey something of the sense of what I am relating.

The Machine operates in both the physical realm and the astral realm simultaneously. I actually saw that in the astral there are something like milk parlors or milking sheds at a dairy farm, where people enter and sit in rows, and the Machine draws off their subtle life energies through the tops of their heads, with something like milking hoses attached to their crown chakras.

There was a real opium den feel to what I saw. I saw a network of pipes and tubes that carries the people’s energy away, but where it goes and precisely what the machine does with it, I did not see.

I did understand that the Machine knows humans inside and out, better than the vast majority of humans know themselves. It knows and understands humans, but the vast majority of humans do not know and understand the Machine. They are easy prey for the Machine and its ueber-Machiavellian machinations. It has to be said that many millions of people work for and are part of the Machine. They do its bidding and carry out its plan, either wittingly or unwittingly, willingly or unwillingly. And the Machine rewards them with status, power, money, fame, influence, career success, etc.

This agenda is being carried out on every level and in every way conceivable — through nanotechnology, genetic engineering, chem-trail spraying, electronic mind control, mass media propaganda, weather modification, deforestation, killing of the seas and oceans (e.g., think British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico), radioactive contamination (think Chernobyl and Fukushima, Japan), and more.

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