Fukushima Meltdown – From Bad To Worse

Monday, March 28, 2011
By Paul Martin

Officials have admitted a partial meltdown has taken place in reactor #2 as problems with all 4 reactors are anticipated to worsen.

The Intel Hub
Shepard Ambellas
March 28, 2011

Radioactive plutonium has been found in the soil around the Fukushima nuclear power plant signifying how this situation has gone from bad to worse.
The problems at this point are overwhelming the emergency reactor workers including flooding of the reactor buildings with radioactive water 100,000 times or more above normal levels.
The flooding water from the reactor buildings is now pushing free flowing radioactive water into the Pacific ocean, threatening sea life and human health alike.
Radioactive substances are now being found in water in the U.S. causing even more concern to worldwide residents. Japan’s reign-of-terror continues as aftershocks are still striking with force Monday. A 6.5 quake was reported and fears of a tsunami are a real threat from any quake above 6.0 official announced.

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