The Two Coming American Revolutions.

Saturday, March 26, 2011
By Paul Martin


The Enemy of my Enemy is NOT my Friend.
In the late 1700′s there were two historic revolutions, the American and the French Revolutions. The American Revolution was very much an intellectual revolution as much as it was a military revolution. In the years before the first shot was fired, American Patriots laid the intellectual foundation for the American Revolution. They worked on what America should be and not so much of what they were against. The original Sons of Liberty mounted an intellectual assault on the Empire that the sun never set on. By the time the first shot was fired, our founding fathers had spent years carefully crafting a political and economic system that would ready for when they had control of their destiny. This system sought to decentralize power so that no Elite could seize power. They also created a Free Market economic system that would ensure the prosperity of future generations. This eventually led to the most powerful nation the world has ever seen.

The French Revolution was more of a revolution of what the people were against, namely the Monarchy. Those that stoked the flames of revolution in France vilified the Monarchy and their huge wealth. The French took out the Monarch and replaced it with an Oligarchy of Terror. With no King to blame, Robespierre and the Jacobins proceeded to terrorize France with their Reign of Terror. The Jacobins upset society so much that neighbor turned against neighbor, as the Guillotine grew thirsty for more blood. It was not until Napoleon came forward with a vision for what France could be did society turn around.

When the American Empire collapses, we will face two paths. We will either fall into another Dark Ages where fear and terror reign. Or we will have another Renaissance where ideas and freedom are cherished. Just like the American and French Revolutions, the key for our society, will be what do we stand for and not as much what we are against. I spent six years putting together the Sons Of Liberty Academy to help forge the intellectual foundation of the next American Revolution. I made the Academy for free with the hope of reaching a wider audience to help build a brighter future for all of us. My ultimate goal is to get people educated and start thinking about what you stand for.

There are two kinds of Revolutions on the horizon for America. The first, is a get back-to-basics Constitutional Revolution. This kind of patriotic revolution is a non-violent, non-compliant movement that is centered on education and leaderless resistance. The Constitutional Revolution seeks to level the playing field by eliminating the core of our problems our debt based, fractional reserve, fiat money system and mercantilism and replace it with honest money and Free Market capitalism. It also seeks to have a level field of justice, campaign finance and decentralize political power away from the Elite. This Revolution would bring home the troops from our 777+ military bases and practice non-intervention. They would seek to level unfair taxes and regulations that benefit the Elite and hurt the rest of us. In short, they would legalize the Constitution with the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, Habeas Corpus, and so on.

The second kind of Revolution is very different, even though they seem to have the same bad guys in their sights. I have always watched a lot of documentaries. Recently there have been a lot of very slick documentaries attacking Wall St, The Federal Reserve, Debt, Housing Bubble, Corporate Greed, Wars, Outsourced Jobs and Big Oil. All of these documentaries are stunning attacks at the very real problems our country is facing. For the most part there is nothing to argue against. We are going down the wrong road and there is a group of Elite that are absolutely gutting America and raping the world for their own personal profit and power.

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