As Bad as Bush and Clinton Combined

Friday, March 25, 2011
By Paul Martin

Obama = Bush and Clinton at the Same Time

by Anthony Gregory

I think I have figured out the new formula in presidential politics. The current president is essentially as bad as the last two combined. We might call this the “Presidential Fibonacci Sequence.”

Bush II was every bit as bad as his father, with the addition of Clinton mixed in. Life under Clinton was like living under Bush I and Reagan simultaneously. Bush the First was so horrible he was like Reagan and Carter were ganging up on American liberty.

Maybe this is a flawed formula, but it does seem to hold in the current case. Let us consider the evidence.

Obama is doing everything that his immediate predecessor did: Subsidizing the bubble economy, ratcheting up the regulatory state, increasing deficit spending year by year, waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, lying about Iran, allowing his minions to commit torture, jailing people without cause, detaining and abusing whistleblowers, spying without warrants on American telecommunications, molesting airline passengers by the millions, and relying on anti-Muslim sentiment to allow for an ever widening war on terrorism.

But at the same time, the Clinton approach to U.S. statecraft is back. Obama has bombed Libya without even claiming it has anything to do with American security. His mass murder in the name of human rights, without the added rationale of protecting us from terrists, is Clintonian to the core. The fact that Hillary goaded both the current president and her husband to conduct such humanitarian atrocities is another nice parallel.

There is also a distinct dash of Clinton in domestic policy, something that might make liberals ultimately view Obama as our “greatest Republican president,” as they did Clinton: We have the drive to nationalize industries, especially health care, along left-of-center corporatist lines. Crony capitalism climbs everyday even as free enterprise’s good name is being dragged through the mud. We are constantly threatened with new projects of nationalization and economic regimentation in the name of environmentalism and equality, but they rarely materialize quite as anticipated. A new political correctness has reared its head, as Juan Williams was fired for saying Muslims on planes make him nervous—even as the first black president (with a Nobel Prize) fires cruise missiles at a new Muslim country every six months and treats us all like terrorists at the airport.

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