Thursday, March 10, 2011
By Paul Martin

By Chuck Baldwin
March 10, 2011

There are over 300,000 evangelical Christian churches in America. That equates to tens of millions of professing Christians and hundreds of thousands of Christian ministers. Think of the church sanctuaries, educational facilities, schools, camps, radio broadcasts, television programs, colleges, seminaries, preschools, youth retreats, etc., that grace America. In some communities there is a church building on just about every corner. In spite of this massive exposure to the modern Church, however, the nation has been left virtually unaffected, uninfluenced, and unimpressed.

In fact, one could make the argument that while America’s churches have experienced unprecedented growth in membership and wealth during the last half-century, the country as a whole has simultaneously nose-dived into corruption, deception, socialism, and even an increasing federal despotism. How can this be? Where is the influence for God, for good, and for liberty from these hundreds of thousands of churches and multiplied millions of professing Christians–not to mention billions of dollars raised and spent by these religious institutions?

For all intents and purposes, the modern American Church is pathetically impotent! Not only has the American Church failed to influence the nation to any significant degree, it has proven itself to be ineffective in influencing its own membership!

Professing Christians today can be some of the most hateful, spiteful, mean-spirited, slanderous, and vindictive people on the planet. And I could give personal testimony as to just how treacherous, disloyal, and cowardly these people can be. I can truly understand why so many unsaved people never darken the door of a church. After all I have seen and experienced inside the Church, I don’t blame them.

How did this happen? It wasn’t always like this. In Colonial America, churches were, without a doubt, the most influential, powerful institution in the country. The Great Awakenings of the 18th and 19th centuries were certainly among the most significant events in early American history–literally changing the course of the nation for decades. But not only has there been no “awakening” in the 20th (and now 21st) century, the Church seems to be totally ineffectual–and content to be so.

Think of the power and influence of the prophets of old. Shoot! I can even remember hearing powerful hell-fire-damnation preaching when I was a youngster. I’m old enough to remember the brush arbor meetings, the citywide revival crusades (when real revival broke out), and the “saw dust trails.” Yes, I even remember attending revival meetings in the very last Billy Sunday Tabernacle in Winona Lake, Indiana.

Those days are gone!

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