The 31 Most Ridiculous Quotes Of 2011 So Far

Thursday, March 10, 2011
By Paul Martin

If you really want to find out what someone is all about sometimes all you need to do is to shut up for a while and let them talk. The truth is that the mouth always eventually reveals what is in the heart. Most politicians and world leaders are highly skilled at “filtering” what they say to the public, but even most of them will eventually break down and tell us exactly what they are thinking. Posted below are 31 of the most ridiculous quotes from politicians, celebrities and world leaders so far in 2011. Some of the quotes are very funny but others are very troubling. The sad reality is that the more you listen to politicians and world leaders the more you realize that they really are quite clueless. When I was growing up I assumed that those in positions of power actually did know more than the rest of us, but unfortunately the opposite seems to be true in many cases. We really do have a bunch of idiots and morons in positions of power around the globe.

Our leaders seem to be totally clueless about the economy. They continue to promise us more jobs even as they continue to ship millions of our jobs out of the United States and load more business-killing regulations on our backs. The folks over at the Federal Reserve seem to think that printing money is the best solution for every economic problem but that it isn’t the cause of any of the inflation that we are experiencing. Many of our politicians are still convinced that the solution to most of our foreign policy problems is to bomb someone.

If you like ridiculous quotes you are going to enjoy the list below, but unfortunately these funny quotes also reveal some very disturbing things about the state of our society. The world is starting to spin out of control and those that are supposed to be running things appear to be highly incompetent. Hopefully you will enjoy the list below but also be troubled by it at the same time. The following are 31 of the most ridiculous quotes of 2011 so far….

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