Let Teachers Tantrum … Then Fire Them

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Linda Schrock Taylor

When our son would tantrum – as all toddlers do at least once – we would calmly carry him to his room; explain that we did not want to see or hear such ugliness; and give him permission to rejoin us in the common areas of the home once he “finished.” Soon…then sooner…then soonest, he finished and the tantrum phase ended. Toddlers are much more sensible than many teachers. These public tantrums of public school teachers proves my point.

Unfortunately, the media is leading the way in giving attention to, and becoming too distraught over, badly behaving teachers. We cannot carry the teachers to their rooms – let alone force them to actually teach – but we can ignore them. Like toddlers, they should soon notice that no one is paying any attention to their fits and spurts. But on second thought…they have shown that they are not as sensible like toddlers.

Governors should fire every teacher who has broken his/her contract. Teachers do sign contracts, agreeing to expectations that they teach in the classrooms; not tantrum in the streets. Demonstrating “teachers” are stupid to not realize that their behavior is inexcusable and sets a horrible example for students, parents, and the nation as a whole. I would be willing to bet that these same teachers are the ones who constantly complain to their principals about rude, insensitive, and badly behaving students and parents of students. Monkey see; monkey do.

The teachers who encouraged their students to leave school, as well, deserve to be fired plus lose their teaching certificates. They are not “teachers.” They are agenda-driven individuals and obviously, their agenda includes neither academics nor instruction. It is a shame that America no longer pillories people in town squares. Ripe tomatoes, anyone?

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