Isn’t It About Time That The United States Got The Heck Out Of The Middle East?

Monday, February 21, 2011
By Paul Martin

In Afghanistan right now, a one-legged Afghan Red Cross worker named Said Musa is sitting in a prison cell awaiting his execution. Musa, a father of six children, was arrested by the Afghan government as he attempted to seek asylum at the German embassy last year. He was sentenced to death by an Afghan court that was established by the new Afghan government that the United States worked so hard to set up. He has been tortured and sexually abused for months. An Afghan judge has told him that he will be hung within a matter of days. So what was his crime? He was a Muslim that has become a Christian. Under Sharia law, that is punishable by death. Is this is the “freedom” that we have sacrificed so many American lives to bring to Afghanistan? This Christian father of six will be hung by the Afghan “democracy” that the United States has been “nurturing” and that U.S. soldiers have been working so hard to defend.

If this is the “liberty” that the United States is “exporting” to the Middle East, then why in the world are we still over there?

Isn’t it about time that the United States got the heck out of the Middle East?

Barack Obama and the rest of the U.S. government have been strangely silent about the fate of Said Musa. At this point it does not appear that the U.S. government is going to do anything to intervene.

What a disgrace. We have been in Afghanistan for about 9 and a half years. Up to this point, it is estimated that the U.S. government has spent over 379 billion dollars on the war in Afghanistan. Way too many U.S. soldiers have bled and died on Afghan soil.

And for what?

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